Domino Earning World

Official DEW Whitepaper, last updated November 2022


Domino Earning World (DEW) is the first platform of this game, based on blockchain that unites millions of domino enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and create your own NFT such as avatars, accessories, dominoes and domino tables, and organize games including tournaments in game centers for real winnings.
Domino will combine multi-million dollar markets starting from a video game and a popularized millennial game, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.
There are not many video games that provide players with the opportunity to generate real profits. We believe there is a huge opportunity in the video game market with play-to-win features.
The slow digitization and lack of transparency of the NFT gaming market, gave us the possibility to see the great niche for the creation of Dominoes as NFT.
Online domino game platforms with modern graphics, extensive playability and, most importantly, blockchain is what the market wants.
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